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These clinical guidelines have been produced by South Thames Retrieval Service (STRS) at Evelina London for nurses, doctors and ambulance technicians to refer to in the emergency care of critically ill children.

These guidelines represent the views of STRS which were produced after careful consideration of available evidence in conjunction with clinical expertise and experience. The guidance does not override the individual responsibility of healthcare professionals to make decisions appropriate to the circumstances of the individual patient. 

Drug calculators, clinical guidelines and drug doses

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Paediatric Emergency Tools app

Paediatric Emergency Tools app for phones and tablets is now free. Please download from Apple (iOS) and Android/Google. The app provides:

  • drug calculations based on a child's age and weight
  • calculated cardiac arrest drugs
  • calculated induction agents, muscle relaxants and anticonvulsants
  • over 80 additional infusion and bolus drugs
  • calculated physiological parameters (reference ranges for heart rate, blood pressure)
  • calculated paediatric endotracheal tube sizes and other equipment
  • infusion rate and glucose calculator
  • guidelines from STRS, seamlessly updated each time you connect to WiFi