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Hospital services consultants


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  • Kamal, Ajanta

    Dr Ajanta Kamal specialises in children's general medicine at Evelina London.
  • Kaminska, Margaret

    Dr Margaret Kaminska is a consultant paediatric neurologist and has been working in the complex motor disorders team since 2007.
  • Kanabar, Dipak

    Dr Dipak Kanabar is a consultant paediatrician who specialises in children's general health problems.
  • Kelly, Veronica

    Dr Veronica Kelly is a consultant in children's neurodisability. She runs the behavioural feeding clinics at Evelina London.
  • Kenny, Julia

    Dr Julia Kenny is a consultant in paediatric infectious diseases and immunology at Evelina London
  • Khan, Hammad

    Dr Hammad Khan is a consultant neonatologist specialising in cardiovascular care of the newborn infant.
  • Kingdon, Camilla

    Dr Camilla Kingdon is a consultant neonatologist and specialises in the care of newborns.
  • Kokkinakis, Michail

    Mr Michail Kokkinakis is a consultant paediatric orthopaedic surgeon with a particular interest in adolescent sports injuries, hip complex reconstruction surgery, hip and knee arthroscopic surgery, cerebral palsy, complex feet pathologies and paediatric trauma. He is also Honorary Senior Lecturer at King's College London.
  • Koziell, Ania

    Dr Ania Koziell is consultant nephrologist and senior clinical lecturer, specialising in children's kidney conditions.
  • Kufeji, Dorothy

    Dorothy Kufeji is a children's surgeon and the clinical lead for children's surgery.
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  • Abiona, Adesoji
    Dr Adesoji Abiona is a consultant, specialising in child development and paediatric neurodisability.
  • Absoud, Michael
    Dr Michael Absoud is a consultant in children's neurodisability, specialising in complex neurodevelopmental disability.
  • Ajzensztejn, Michal
    Dr Michal Ajzensztejn is a consultant in paediatric diabetes and endocrinology.
  • Alamelu, Jayanthi
    Dr Jayanthi Alamelu started at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital as a consultant in children's haematology in 2009.
  • Alcock, Anastasia
    Dr Anastasia is a consultant in emergency medicine at Evelina London.
  • Amaya, Luis
    Mr Luis Amaya is a consultant paediatric ophthalmic surgeon specialising in children's ophthalmology and strabismus and phacoemulsification surgery.
  • Amin, Nikul
    Mr Nikul Amin is a consultant ear, nose and throat (ENT) and hearing implant surgeon.
  • Anderson, David R
    Professor David Anderson is a consultant heart surgeon at Evelina London and specialises in children's heart defects.
  • Annicq, Ariane
    Dr Ariane Annicq, consultant in paediatric intensive care
  • Atherton, Duncan
    Mr Duncan Atherton is a consultant plastic and cleft surgeon, specialising in children's cleft palate surgery and plastic surgery.
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