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Hospital services consultants


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  • Macaulay, Chloe

    Dr Chloe Macaulay is a consultant in children's general medicine at Evelina London Children's Hospital.
  • Mahtani, Dev

    Dr Dev Mahtani is a consultant anaesthetist, specialising in anaesthesia for children.
  • Malik, Osman

    Dr Osman Malik is a consultant child and adolescent neuropsychiatrist at Evelina London Children's Hospital.
  • Mallinson, Claire

    Dr Claire Mallinson is a consultant anaesthetist specialising in anaesthesia for children's complex deformity surgery.
  • Martinez-Alier, Nuria

    Dr Nuria Martinez-Alier is a consultant in children's infectious disease and immunology.
  • Mathur, Sujeev

    Dr Sujeev Mathur is a consultant paediatric cardiologist and specialises in paediatric cardiology.
  • McDonald, Nicola

    Dr Nicola McDonald is a consultant in children's emergency medicine at Evelina London Children's Hospital.
  • McDougall, Marilyn

    Dr Marilyn McDougall is a consultant in children's intensive care (PICU).
  • Melhem, Nabil

    Dr Nabil Melhem is a consultant children's kidney specialist (nephrologist) at Evelina London.
  • Menson, Esse Natasha

    Dr Esse Menson is a consultant in infectious diseases and immunology in children.
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  • Abedian, Mina
    Mina Abedian is a health psychologist on our transition service for young people with haemophilia.
  • Abiona, Adesoji
    Dr Adesoji Abiona is a consultant, specialising in child development and paediatric neurodisability.
  • Absoud, Michael
    Dr Michael Absoud is a consultant in children's neurodisability, specialising in complex neurodevelopmental disability.
  • Ajzensztejn, Michal
    Dr Michal Ajzensztejn is a consultant in paediatric diabetes and endocrinology.
  • Al-Adnani, Mudher
    Dr Mudher Al-Adnani is a consultant paediatric and perinatal pathologist at Evelina London.
  • Alamelu, Jayanthi
    Dr Jayanthi Alamelu started at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital as a consultant in children's haematology in 2009.
  • Amaya, Luis
    Mr Luis Amaya is a consultant paediatric ophthalmic surgeon specialising in children's ophthalmology and strabismus and phacoemulsification surgery.
  • Anderson, David R
    Professor David Anderson is a consultant heart surgeon at Evelina London and specialises in children's heart defects.
  • Annicq, Ariane
    Dr Ariane Annicq, consultant in paediatric intensive care
  • Atherton, Duncan
    Mr Duncan Atherton is a consultant plastic and cleft surgeon, specialising in children's cleft palate surgery and plastic surgery.
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