PICU staff, PICU doctors, Intensive care doctors

This section provides information about our intensive care (PICU) team.

Our team is 'multidiscliplinary'. This means it's made up of different healthcare professionals who have a wealth of experience and expertise in caring for critically ill children.

The team is led by a matron and consultant doctors (also known as intensivists). They are supported by highly skilled nursing and medical staff, as well as technicians, pharmacists, therapists, counsellors, dietitians, play specialists, chaplains, clerical and housekeeping staff.


  • Professor Ian Murdoch – head of department
  • Sara Hanna – intensive care consultant, medical director of children’s services
  • Shane Tibby – intensive care consultant, research lead
  • Shelley Riphagen – intensive care consultant, STRS lead
  • Marilyn McDougall  – intensive care consultant, network lead
  • Paul James – intensive care consultant, anaesthetist, airway team, medical recruitment lead
  • Andrew Nyman – intensive care consultant, airway team, directorate IT lead
  • Alison Pienaar – intensive care consultant, clinical governance lead
  • Joanne Perkins – intensive care consultant, anaesthetist, audit lead
  • Jon Lillie – intensive care consultant, ECMO lead
  • Ben Griffiths – intensive care consultant, airway team
  • Miriam Fine-Goulden – intensive care consultant, media lead
  • Maja Pavcnik – intensive care consultant
  • Ariane Annicq – intensive care consultant

Senior nursing staff

  • Fiona Bickell – lead nurse for intensive care and STRS 
  • HaaWee Chew – intensive care matron
  • Rebecca Bescizza – intensive care matron

Administrative staff

  • Farzana Shaikh– service manager
  • Annette Toner – assistant service manager and personal assistant to Professor Murdoch
  • Sonya Leeds – medical secretary


Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) – general enquiries

Tel: 020 7188 4500 / 4501